What do you drink with baked Camembert?

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What to pair with Camembert: 5 great drink matches

  1. Cider. The obvious ‘terroir’-based match.
  2. Pommeau. Stronger than cider, this blend of cider and calvados is ideal when your cheese has reached the oozy stage.
  3. Champagne.
  4. Chenin Blanc.
  5. A soft fruity red.
  6. Tip: Camembert is a cheese to eat when it’s fully matured.


What do I drink with camembert?

Chardonnay with Creamy Camembert and Brie Style Cheeses

Creamy Camembert, Brie or other soft, surface ripened cheeses pair so much better with white wine. Chardonnay shines with these types of cheeses. Anything from a steely Burgundian Chablis to an unoaked or moderately oaked style works.

What goes well with baked Camembert?

What To Serve With Baked Camembert: 10 Delicious Choices

  • Freshly baked, warm bread.
  • Your favourite preserves and jams.
  • Honey.
  • Bacon wrapped breadsticks.
  • Almond flakes and dried cranberries.
  • Flavoured oils.
  • Rocket and sun dried tomato salad.
  • Pickles.

What can you dip in baked Camembert?

Serving Suggestion. I like to serve baked Camembert with a selection of toasts, bruschetta and crackers for dipping, as well as some dried fruit and nuts. If you really want to impress, serve with homemade tortilla chips and/or melba toast. Both are perfect for scooping up that delicious melted cheese.

Does champagne go with camembert?

Champagne. Champagne isn’t an especially common choice for pairing with camembert, but it really should be. The bubbles in the champagne work well with the creaminess of the cheese, while the combination of flavors is exactly what you need too.

What alcohol goes with Camembert?

What Wine Goes Best With Camembert? Camembert, Brie, and other soft cheeses that are surface ripened pair well with white wine. Chardonnay is a great match with these cheeses. Burgundian Chablis, unoaked or moderately oaked styles, and anything in between are all good choices.

What wine goes best with a cheese board?

12 Classic Wine and Cheese Pairings

  • Pinot Noir and Gruyere.
  • Champagne and Brie.
  • Moscato d’Asti and Gorgonzola.
  • Tempranillo and Idiazabal.
  • Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon and Aged Cheddar.
  • Provence Rosé and Havarti.
  • Riesling and Raclette.

Can you eat camembert skin?

As a rule of thumb, the natural rinds of most cheeses are edible. For example, the rind on other soft cheeses, such as the closely related camembert are also safe to eat.

Is baked Camembert or brie better?

Brie is made with the addition of cream, which creates a lighter flavor, whereas Camembert has a stronger, earthier flavor. Because of its mildness, Brie often goes well with sweeter pairings. Camembert, on the other hand, can handle deeper, more complex flavor pairings.

Can you eat camembert cold?

Cheese is not really meant to be eaten cold, so when you thaw it out, not only do you give the cheese a chance to come back to life, but you are allowing yourself enjoy the cheese in the manner the cheesemaker intended. Eat the rind.

How do you serve Camembert cheese?

Enjoy your Camembert with crackers or bread and preserves or honey. Cut off slices of the cheese and use a knife to spread it on the cracker or a slice of French bread. Eat it as is, or add a little honey or preserves on top. Try whatever jams or preserves you enjoy, such as raspberry, cherry, fig, or apricot.

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What goes well with melted cheese?

10 Things That Go Great With Cheese Fondue

  • Bread. Bread is one of the most common dippers for cheese fondue because it’s perfect for soaking up all the cheesy goodness.
  • Potatoes. If you’re a fan of cheese fries, then pairing your fondue with crispy potatoes is a must.
  • Apples.
  • Broccoli.
  • Bell Peppers.
  • Meatballs.
  • Sausage.
  • Chicken.

What can I do with leftover baked Camembert?

Try a whole baked Camembert in sourdough for a cheat’s fondue, or melt together a queso fundido and scoop onto tortilla chips. Finally, you can never go wrong with a toastie – go classic with ham and cheese or try a fruity prosciutto and nectarine grilled cheese.

What red wine goes well with Camembert?

Mouth-coating soft cheeses are very problematical with Red wines. However both Camembert and Chaumes work fine with a Red Burgundy or a ripe Pomerol or St. Emilion wines.

What fruit goes well with Camembert?

Camembert with Almonds, Apples, and Pears:

Serve this decadently rich and creamy cow’s milk cheese at room temperature with the fruits to experience sheer indulgence.

What cheeses pair well with champagne?

10 Cheeses to Pair with Champagne

  • Gruyere. A hard, nutty cheese from Switzerland, Gruyere is the perfect match for dry Champagne.
  • Camembert. Capricorn Somerset Goat Cheese.
  • Roquefort.
  • Gouda.
  • Brie.
  • Cheddar.
  • Parmesan.
  • Swiss Gruyere.

Is red or white wine better with cheese?

White wine is simply much more suitable for serving with cheese than red. The milder bouquet, the acidity and any sweetness of white wines complement cheese better than the robust tannins and slightly metallic taste of red wines.

What should you drink with brie?

The go-to beverage to pair with Brie is champagne. But Brie also pairs fantastically with certain wines and beers. Soft and fruity red wines, such as Pinot Noir, will contrast beautifully with the mellowness of Brie. Acidic, herbaceous, dry white wines like Sauvignon Blanc will also work well.

Do you have red or white wine with cheese?

White wine is close to the perfect match for cheese – and generally far better than red wine. The freshness of the white wine, the perfumed notes and the combination of sweetness and acidity suit many cheeses. However, it is important to pair the right wine with the right cheese.

What do you drink with a cheese board?

One drink pairing per cheese type

The mild and creamy cheeses, such as brie, camembert and similar, pair well with something light. A lager or G&T would go well here. A crisp white wine or a very light red wine, such as Pinot Noir, would also be a lovely match. Or try a Chardonnay that isn’t too oaky.

What cheese goes with Sancerre?

Fresh goat cheeses, creamy Brie, triple creme cheeses, ricotta, feta and Parmigiano-Reggiano all go well with Sancerres and Pouilly-Fumes. Today’s recipe is for a mignonette sauce to serve with freshly shucked oysters, another classic pairing.

What cheese goes with sauvignon blanc?

We suggest reaching for plain goat cheese, asiago, gouda, gruyere, or feta. Goat cheese pairs specifically well with sauvignon blanc that is heavily oaked. The rich but tart flavor of the cheese with its creamy texture helps to bring out the rich and bold flavors of the wine.

Is Brie or Camembert healthier?

Brie has more Vitamin B12, and Monounsaturated Fat, however Camembert is higher in Phosphorus, Calcium, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin A RAE. Camembert covers your daily need of Phosphorus 23% more than Brie.

Is the white stuff on Camembert Mould?

For lovers of Camembert, the downy white rind is the tart bite that balances out the fat-laden, oozing, pungent layer inside. For a group of Swiss bioengineers, that moldy rind is one of nature’s greatest living surfaces, doing double duty as a shield and a cleaner.

What crackers go with Camembert?

Spreadable Cheese

  • Crackers with dried figs, dates, nuts or fennel seeds embedded in them go well with Brie or Camembert.
  • Pepper-flavored crackers go especially well with goat cheese.
  • Unsweetened, thick oat or wheat crackers give you a sturdy base for spreading any cheese.

Is baked Camembert healthy?

Recipe 1 – Baked Camembert

These cheeses can balance out your gut flora – which research has shown is essential to maintaining good digestive health, weight, our immune system and possibly even mental health.

Why does Camembert taste like ammonia?

What causes some cheeses to smell like ammonia? Ammonia is a waste product created by the decomposition of nitrogen-containing proteins in the cheese and on its surface. This process is natural, and, when in balance with the well-developed aroma and flavor of a properly ripened cheese, it’s not unpleasant.

What is the skin on Camembert cheese?

The rind is bloomy white caused by a white fungus, called penicillium candidum. The rind is meant to be eaten with the cheese. This cheese is best paired with a light red wine such as Beaujolais, Chenin Blanc, St Emilion, St Estephe or traditionally a glass of Normandy cider.

Do you eat the white coating on Camembert cheese?

Yes, you can eat the rind of Camembert, Brie, or any soft-ripened cheese. The white mold is Penicillium camemberti (a.k.a. P. candidum), which gives these cheeses their characteristic bloomy rind. The rind is totally edible and adds texture and flavor to the cheese.

Can you reheat Camembert after it’s been baked?

Yes you can! If you’ve already cut into the Camembert wheel, it will be messy to reheat but it won’t damage the taste or texture (as long as you keep the oven time short). Place the cheese in a small ramekin to contain the cheese that will ooze out when melted. Reheat at 350°F until soft and melty, about 10 minutes.

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Can Camembert cheese make you sick?

You can get very sick from raw (unpasteurized) milk and products made with it, including soft cheeses (such as queso fresco, blue-veined, feta, brie and camembert), ice cream, and yogurt. That’s because raw milk can carry harmful germs, including Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.

How long do you put a Camembert in the oven?

Beautiful baked Camembert

Drizzle with a little olive oil then bake in the hot oven for 15 to 20 minutes, or until gorgeous and oozy in the middle.

Can you overcook Camembert?

You can definitely ruin the cheese by not baking it for long enough. You can also cook it for too long, in which case you have cooked it beyond the soft, gooey stage and it will go hard and then it’s gone,” he says. You will know it’s cooked when you touch it.

Does Camembert taste like brie?

Brie is milder, with a buttery, creamy flavor, while Camembert can be more intense in flavor, with deeper earthy notes. The textures of Camembert and brie are similar, although Camembert tends to be denser, and brie is a bit runnier.

What do you drink with cheese fondue?

Don’t drink anything but these 3 beverages: Sip only white wine, kirsch, or a tisane of herbal tea with your fondue meal. According to Swiss lore, any other drink—be it water, juice, or beer—will cause the melted cheese to coagulate and form a giant ball in your stomach, leaving you with debilitating indigestion.

What do you dip in fondue?

What to Dip in Cheese Fondue

  • Bread. The most classic and always delicious.
  • Apples. Tart apples like Granny Smith are dreamy dipped with cheese fondue.
  • Crudite. Cherry tomatoes, sliced red bell pepper, and carrots provide tasty, crunchy counterpoints.
  • Bacon. Even better than you think it’s going to taste.

Which cheese is best for fondue?

The Best Melting Cheeses For Fondue

  1. Swiss Cheese Fondue — The Best Combination. A combination of three types of Swiss cheese is our favorite fondue choice.
  2. Gouda. Gouda cheese is the next best cheese for fondue.
  3. Gruyere.
  4. Comte Cheese.
  5. Fontina.
  6. Emmental.
  7. Cheddar.

How long does camembert last in the fridge?

Soft cheese lovers though should still reserve a sense of urgency about their cheese eating as options such as brie, feta and camembert should be eaten within two weeks of being opened.

How do you warm up camembert?

Unwrap 250g camembert, brie or similar from its packaging, then place back into its box. Tie string around the box to secure. Slash the cheese a few times and top with 1 tbsp vermouth, dry white wine or kirsch, 2 thyme sprigs and a pinch of dried chilli flakes. Bake on a baking tray for 20 mins until gooey.

Do you cut the top off camembert?

Whether you slit the top rind or completely take it off is your choice, but some people think that the rind makes the cheese, and want to keep as much of it around the cheese as they can. Others prefer to just go for the gooey centre, and leave the rind behind, it’s really up to you!

How do you pair wine and cheese?

Soft cheese pairs well with sparkling wine or white wine that’s light on oak flavor, such as Chardonnay. Sharp cheese or aged cheese—six months or older—are best served with full-bodied wine to compliment the bold flavors.

What cheese goes with pinot noir?

Light Red Wine and Cheese

Light red wines like Pinot Noir and Beaujolais match up nicely with delicately flavored, washed-rind cheeses and nutty, medium-firm cheeses. Gruyere is a great example of nutty cheese, and Taleggio is a semi-soft, washed-rind cheese that is not overly intense.

What cheeses go with red wine?

8 Red Wine and Cheese Pairings

  • Nebbiolo and Feta.
  • Cabernet Franc and Goat Cheese.
  • Merlot and Brie.
  • Pinot Noir and Gruyere.
  • Shiraz and Gouda.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon and Aged Cheddar.
  • Chianti and Pecorino.
  • Port and Stilton.

What Flavours go with camembert?

Baked camembert topping ideas:

  • Herbs: thyme; rosemary.
  • Vegetable flavouring: garlic; caramelised onion, chilli flakes.
  • Fruit flavouring: fresh figs; dried cranberries; raisins.
  • Jams & chutneys: onion jam; chilli jam; cranberry chutney; spiced apple chutney; fig jam; cranberry jelly.
  • Oils: olive oil; truffle oil; chilli oil.

Do you eat grapes with cheese?

Grapes might not make the cheese taste bad, but they might not enhance the flavour of the cheese either. Other fruits such as figs, dates, apples, melons, and pears are very good choices when pairing fruit and cheese. The safest bet is to pair cheese with dried fruit.

Can you microwave camembert instead of bake?

Aka a super speedy Baked Brie appetizer. You don’t really need a recipe for this. All I do is pop a brie or camembert in the microwave for 1 minute 15 seconds on high, or until it’s melted. It’s really easy to tell – just prod it in the centre and it will feel really soft and….

What cheese pairs prosecco?

What cheese pairs best with Prosecco? Baby swiss and parmesan are great cheeses to pair with prosecco. Buttery, earthy cheeses are complemented by the dry, bubbly white wine and elevate any social gathering.

What should I serve with prosecco?

And now some suggestions for pairings with Prosecco

  • Oysters and crudités.
  • Savory pies with vegetables and smoked cheeses.
  • Pasta stuffed with mushrooms, truffle risotto.
  • Panzerotti with salumi or fried canapés.
  • Fresh, rich salads like niçoise, rice salad, or caprese.
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Does brie go with champagne?

As noted above, Champagne pairs well with buttery and earthy foods. It stands to reason, then, that triple-cream soft cheeses (brie, Camembert) would be the perfect match…and they are! But there are more great cheese pairings with Champagne and other sparkling wines.

Which cheese goes with Pinot Grigio?

Pinot Grigio Cheese Pairing

Pinot Grigio cheese pairings should include the mildest cheeses you like. Mild goat cheeses, fresh mozzarella, mild cheddars, brie, and gouda are great cheese with Pinot Grigio. A slightly sweet Pinot Grigio pairs nicely with gorgonzola and feta.

What does sauvignon blanc pair with?

Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with green vegetables, bonus if the dish includes sauces with citrus notes. Try Brussel sprouts, asparagus, cucumbers, and broccoli, among others. When pairing vegetables and Sauvignon Blanc, opt for dishes that use raw vegetables rather than roasted.

What cheese is best with Chardonnay?

Crisp light chardonnays do well with mild, semi-soft cheeses. Moderately oaked chardonnays can take on the buttery quality of creamy cheeses or alpine-style varieties. Heavily oaked Chardonnays match best with the big flavors of cheddar, washed-rind, or parmesan cheese.

What type of wine goes with baked brie?

Champagne. The mild buttery and earthy notes of brie make it the perfect partner for the toasty, bready flavor of Champagne. Like Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc, Champagne is acidic, which allows it to cut through brie’s fat content.

What jam goes with brie?

Baked brie is great with fig jam, raspberry jam, Cherry preserves, or apricot jam. Top it with dried fruit for texture, such as dried apricots, dried cranberries, or dried cherries. Add some nuts! Walnuts, pecans, pistachios or almonds are all great choices.

What do you eat with baked brie?

What to Serve With Baked Brie:

  • Fresh fruit. A little baked brie on a water cracker with a juicy red grape on top?
  • Toasted baguette slices.
  • Dried fruit.
  • Classic, plain water crackers.
  • A jar of jam! Whatever jam you love.
  • Mixed nuts.
  • And, of course, a festive tipple or two!

What cheese goes with Riesling?

Our favorite riesling pairings

Sweet rieslings pair well with salty cheeses like gorgonzola, aged gouda, feta, or parmesan. Semi-dry rieslings work well with semi-hard, medium-aged cheeses. Try an asiago, Colby, fontina, monterey jack, swiss, muenster, Havarti, or different types of cheddar cheese.

What cheese goes with Merlot?

Other cheeses that go well with merlot include asiago, brick, muenster, gouda, brie, colby, camembert, and a blue-veined cheese like gorgonzola.

What wine goes with cheese and fruit?

Fresh and soft cheeses love crisp whites, dry rosés, sparkling wines, dry aperitif wines, and light-bodied reds with low tannins. Wines with apple, berry, stone fruit, tropical, melon, or citrus flavors work best. Avoid big, tannic red wines like Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, and Bordeaux blends.

What spirit goes well with cheese?

Get in the Spirit: Cheese and Liquor Pairings

  • Vodka and Cheese. Pairing vodka and cheese may seem counterintuitive, but the truth is that this clean spirit appreciates nuanced cheeses that help bring out the subtleties of its flavor.
  • Gin and Cheese.
  • Rum and Cheese.
  • Bourbon and Cheese.

What liquor goes well with cheese?

Top 5 Cheese and Wine/Liquor Pairings

  • Creamier cheeses love the subtle flavor of sparkling white wine.
  • Red wine goes with harder cheeses such as Gouda, Manchego and Goat Milk Cheese.
  • Malt Whiskey goes with 5 Year Aged Gouda.
  • Cheese with beer is a classic pairing that goes way back in Europe and has many variations…

What cheese goes well with gin and tonic?

Yum!! Gin and Tonic Our go-to cocktail generally goes well with soft and creamy cheeses, like camembert, brie and other white mouldy cheeses. The gin brings out the floral notes in the cheeses and the bitterness of the tonic rinses the palate.

What wine goes with Camembert?

Chardonnay with Creamy Camembert and Brie Style Cheeses

Creamy Camembert, Brie or other soft, surface ripened cheeses pair so much better with white wine. Chardonnay shines with these types of cheeses. Anything from a steely Burgundian Chablis to an unoaked or moderately oaked style works.

What do the French drink with cheese?

Aged white burgundy or bordeaux, Riesling (sweet), champagne, red burgundy or bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon and red port. Although having a range of wines to pair with your cheese plate is a great option, if you’d prefer to open just one or two bottles, opt for a Riesling (off to dry) or a similar bottle.

Is Sancerre sweet or dry?

Sancerre is today a Sauvignon Blanc stronghold in France’s Loire Valley, known for delicious dry white wines that can marry citrus, green fruit and grassy flavours with beautiful texture and refreshing acidity.

What cheese goes with Malbec?

Malbecs love semi-hard cheeses that aren’t too salty. Asiago, cheddar, Colby, and gouda are all excellent choices. Malbecs can also go up against a soft blue cheese.

Is red or white wine better with cheese?

White wine is simply much more suitable for serving with cheese than red. The milder bouquet, the acidity and any sweetness of white wines complement cheese better than the robust tannins and slightly metallic taste of red wines.

How many glasses of wine do you get from a bottle?

In most cases, with a standard sized bottle and a standard sized pour, you should get about 5 glasses of wine out of a bottle. A typical 750ml bottle of wine holds 25 liquid ounces, while the standard wine pour, you’d get at a restaurant is usually around 5 ounces.